Bonny Khalwale, the loser who is often more at loggerheads with NASA than he is welcome, has found a new cause and a creutch to generate a bit of media attention. Here is what he tweeted on Miguna:



In typical fork-tongued NASA style, he is asking the Canadian government to intevene on Miguna’s behalf.

What he forgets to mention is that Miguna contravened the laws of Kenya and issued serious threats against the Kenyan government and individuals. Yet, when foreign envoys and observers declared the Kenyan elections free and fair and asked contenders to concede, Khalwale and NASA were very quick to tell them to mind their own business.

So, who is being hypocritical here? I know that the Kenyan government would NEVER interfere if Miguna were to break Canadian laws.

Jaribu hii upate kitu ya kufanya at least.

What laws did he contravene? please share. even the DPP has disowned the charge sheet.

Canadian foreign policy is nothing like USA’s.