Of late we have many Kenyans complaining of the chinku invasion in Kenya on social media. Personally I’m seated on the fence on this. If we’re to criticize the Chinese, why not go the length and criticize all foreigners storming into the country. On Sunday I witnessed something that I’ve never seen before and never thought existed. The Hindu community held a celebration parade of one of their gods through Eldoret town. They numbered over 2k. How comes we have no problem with them yet they came with nothing on their hands save for their efforts of building the lunatic express? Ironically the chinku’s grand entry was marked with construction of a railroad too.
The other hypocrisy is the diasporans criticism of the chinku invasion. Need I expound further on that? We Kenyans are full of it. That’s why we hurl insults at a politician for building a 1.2b house (which should be criticized anyway) but praise another with a mansion of similar value. We have the good thief and the bad thief. 400yrs

@Antonio Mascaro ati mlichoma nyumba ya wachawi kuamkia jana??

Those Hindus are Kenyans sir ama namna gani

Chinese is the current topic in +254

Kweli. The hindus/indians came to build the railway but they settled and are basically kenyans. All kenyans came from elsewhere. Luos from south sudan, kikuyus from congo, luhyias from west africa etc.

Hyprocracy is essentially a way of life wherever you go bro. It is essentially human nature.

The Indians have been here since the early 1900s and although they are racist and isolative, kenyans associate them with employment. The Chinese on the other hand have just started arriving, they engage in illegal activities and ‘take our jobs’. Kenyans also associate them with debt and recolonisation.

Wengine wameitiwa biashara. Same goes for Naijas, Bingwas and Rwanda/Burundians who are flocking into the country en masse

not british citizens?

Am with you on this…I hate all sorts of artificial borders…xenophobia has no place in the current world.

chinkus have come too much too fast.

hebu kwanza jieleze, ulikuwa umeenda kufanya nini eldoret town? Ukahaba?! Kutafuta kuma??

Ulikuwa umewachia nani ng’ombe ndio ukaone wahindi? Na ulikaa hapo dakika ngapi ndio ujue walikuwa 2000 in number?

Hii pickup yako ya white imekuharibu budspencer. Rudi kanisa.

Do British citizens vote in Kenya in our elections?

hebu uliza yule wa solai kama ali-vote?

Pati najua visa yako ili expire uko chini ya maji Kwa trump huwezi kubali kurudi Kenya.

Hehehe majibu zako huwa ngumu kwanza unaweza tusi mtu afikiri umemusifu ,you have power with words.

?? Unasema nini Omwami?

Jama amejificha kwa trump kazi nikupayuka ,huku Kenya akirudi hawezi kubaliwa kurudi Kwa trump tena.

naona unasimama na your brother in the segurity ‘forces’ of Kenya. Niliskia Budspencer alikuwa gsu zamani akikimbisha wajaluo na ile mti ya jembe hadi siku moja akakula guton ya macho.

Ile pesa alilipwa injuries na handshake alinunua hilux mzee ya white na akarudi reserve kulima mahindi. Sasa kazi inakuwaga kusumbua watoto wa high school huko resaf akilipwa na cereals board.

Na kanajua watu. Usimuone hivo. Ongea na yeye poa, anajua Sudi hivi:

Lakini hajui Ruto usidanganywe. Na pia amebebwa na ile helicopter ya Obama akiwa training zamani.

Kumbe unaongea na hio mtu ya kukataza Trump atumie tissue paper ndio alambe mkush? Ignored that airhead kitambo sana. The only talker mwenye ukisoma thread yake ujinga unazidi badala ya kugain knowledge. On hypocrisy matters, hajui ni nini hio. He wouldn’t notice it if came down Trump’s arse

Ata most tribes migrated into this land … so who really is kenyan

You sir should know better. The number of Gujarat indians who come to kenya or have been coming to kenya every year are thousands. They are imported illegally by local indian businessmen to work on their businesses. Because they are usually treated badly and paid or not paid at all, they steal from fellow muindi and start their own business after acquiring documents from our corrupt system.