Hypergamy in action

Red pillers na MGTOW kujeni mfurahi


Peope aren’t against you. They are simply for themselves

It was draining,what more do people want!?

when the beech was jobless it was not draining sio?

You are projecting your issues on that post.

I cannot have a logical conversation with you as long as you have that mindset.

Sema tu you have nothing to say:D
siyo story mingi za logical conversations

It’s now time to look for a man with money.

Hapo ndio unapatanga women say I can’t find a husband because of all of them are eyeing for the few rich successful ones.

The unlucky males who are jobless or earning little kazi ni dryspell tu wakikumbuka the good old days vile walikuwa wakiteka madem campo without effort na saii wamekaukiwa.

On to the next simp. You maybe all alert in this village about red flags but outchea wanaume wanapigia hawa watu magoti na kuchukua loans za christmas.

Patco tulia

Wacha nugu iwachwe. Hata boy angepata a nice paying job siangeendea sianda duong

@LIEN a.k.a @uwesmake nde fucks @poyoloko bernice while @Jimit and @Sambamba are oiling their anuses waiting to be kamuwad . Can we call this hypertension?
This is the sickiest ktalk gangbang homosexual tag team.
@poyoloko grinning like a pig after the exercise [ATTACH=full]483495[/ATTACH]

Blocked umbwa

wacha ii maneno, haina faida. ii kijiji ilikuwa tukufu kitambo. wakati ya campaigns Rachael Ruto alikuwa anavisit kijiji kila Wednesday, wacheni kuharibu kijiji.

Join your fellow elder hukoo…>>>>