huyu wanaume watasafisha rungu nayeye sasa ashangae. her broke ass exposed






Probably a drug addict.

Wacha muhindi anukishe kitunguu bila kusumbuliwa

Uchumi ako mbaya, sirkal saidia

300* 100=30000 a day.not a bad hustle

Good money

Very good money

I’ve once given her 2soc.

Thought she was real alikula 250

Hiyo hustle yake reminds me of some guys local ya Mtaani when i used to drink.they would ask for tots from every body innthe bar who had anything above a kaquarter and get more drunk than the guys who actually were buying.

Aambiwe awache kuomba, kama kunakitu anaweza uza aseme bei!

si ako na slices, mmuambie aje mlipe in exchange throughout this festive holiday

I have encountered this lady at least 20times! I swear I always feel like shooting her f.ass! I’m the snitch. I warn all unsuspecting motorists listening to her sob stories! Damn! Old lady!!

Mtu akikuomba pesa umpatie sioni how that is a con

she is conning you emotionally. Human beings never do things from the kindness of their hearts. That’s why you will only give five bob to a chokoraa and 300 to her.

when giving her the cash, you’re doing so under the impression that you’re getting a foot in the door into the rich indian business men community. Only to realize you’re dealing with a beggar whose social capital is less than that of a chokoraa.

To understand what am saying, you have to understand the hierarchy of Wealth

Property (Means of Production→land, shares, bonds etc)

Wealth (Depreciating Assets→Fiat currency,cars,etc)

Social Capital (Charisma→Political influence, kupendwa na mabeshte kwa bar, connections to big people etc)

Every time you exchange something at the top for something at a lower level, you are losing socially. Every rime you exchange something at a lower level for something at a higher level you’re winning. If you manage to move from the lowest to the highest level, you’re a genius(For example, Kenyatta managed to convert Charisma into Property→genius, Politicians uses fiat to buy Charisma → stupid)