Huyu ni kama amefanyiwa character development crash course


:D:D:Dapo kuna mambo

KOT ni noma.

Poor @Jimit


Hadi media imeingilia hii maneno. Its a matter of national interest:D:D

What if she was on Twitter follows him and saw his tweet… so much upuzi online nowadays.

Mtaambiwa mara ngapi long distance relationship NEVER EVER works. Most people think ati “theirs is special.” NONSENSE!

The prepubescent kypii is likely to use such tactics akikatia mamboch wa Narok

Hii ndo mnaitanga “digging your own grave” uko nje. Yaani … msiba wa kujitakia.

:DHio ni kali. I just hope si troll.

It had to be a jaruo simp.


Huyo sio @Jimit.

Jimit Foreskinus Otieno hana dem. He wanks daily. He ejaculates on his stomach and then lets the cum dry out as he logs into ktalk to insult @Azor Ahai – another brownskin wanker who’s fascinated by KDF soldiers.

:D:D:D:D:D:D. Your head is not right.

Mkisii mumerun out of vituko uko Nyamria ukaona uanze kutusi mtukufu Jimit

Wewe we must meet. Whichever way it goes no matter what itll cost we must meet



Njaanuary always comes with a side serving of vawulens.

Men celebrating birthdays like that is the apex of simping.