Huyu Ndiye Hipiganiwa na Wanawake

They love his fat belly


Kijana ya former PC. Kunguru werevu hujua he stands to inherit a lot of the property his father grabbed as a powerful provincial administrator.

They’re interested in the lifestyle the man has to offer. Women will even marry a sack of potatoes, as long as certain minimums are guaranteed.

Hio miguu ndo inaumia, too thin for such a fat mahn. Lakon mbona watu wanono huwa na miguu irregular

Monday wanaume wanaamka kuchambua their fellow man.
Hii ni bottom barrel behavior. Vaeni Leso bana.
Acha wengine tupige heavy lunch turudi waks.

Leave the guy alone.

This nigga acts like he skipped a stage in life.

Kuna category ya Science and Technology, na many others, make a post and we meet there

Briffault’s Law: “ the female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place .”

this fat manchild has to reduce the weight or his obesity wont allow him to see 50 years

He needs to do some leg workouts… or he will be the next Johnny Bravo

Women will marry anything as long as they are guaranteed a good life

Hapo Kuna weight loss kweli?


It’s a marathon


pia wananusa huyu haezi pita fifte, so wakivumilia miaka tano kumi hivihe will gone case na wabaki wakinunua latest model harrier.

More evidence that 6ft sijui 6pack, mara mjulus bigi is almost irrelevant to women in the grand scheme of things. An older kitambi man with a pick up or funny Datsun car will fuck many beautiful girls than a merely 6ft and 6pac looser. Status is everything to women.

Porojo … zangu ziko sawa tu