Huyu Msee Hupea Tudem Nini??


umafwi thread from a bottom homosexual

Very easy to get a woman in Kenya. You literally have millions to select from unless you’re a bottom fag like @T.Vercetti or @Mimi Huwa Namwagiwa Ndanii

Dividends of notoriety.


Especially @T.Vercetti


he has become a public figure. hao madem wanaona wakipose na yeye they will get fame

I say nimefanya nini mimi?

Mjaluo siku hizi umetulia. Hata siskiagi ukiongea.

Uliacha nyef nyef ukaona utulie na matiti zako soft soft. Hio pia ni muhimu juu ulikuwa umemea pembe sana. Sijui ni hormones zilikuwa zinakusumbua.

It is all part of negative bias; bad news frequently draws more attention than good. This psychological phenomenon explains why bad first impressions can be so difficult to overcome and why people that caused traumas in the past can have long lingering effects

He’s famous in Lamu now. Young girls get excited to meet Lali, requests a photo op and posts online. Simple.

Can’t he like other men have good time like you do or anyone else?
Spare us your bullzeit please.

clout ni disease mpya, way worse than fame

They’re only ruining their CV. That guy is just a drug addict.

Kupigwapicha na dem haimaniishi jamaa anakula.

Ukinishikia tusker bardi mbili pia mm nitaambia seduction gods wakuonekanie vile wame bariki mimi na bwana lali

Nothing New …

It is known as the “Bad Boy Syndrome” Attraction …
Nearly all Women are strangely attracted to Bad Boys and Rough Men …

The Jury is still out on WHY exactly … :smiley: :smiley:

Eve had a thing for…

Wewe tafuta wanawake wacha kuangalia wanaume wenzako wakikamuana