Huyu mjamaa anarudi Hegg

He won’t be on the ballot surely

:D:D:D we have a serial killer in the name of dp

Don’t be vague…

I am worried if becomes CIC

Meshack Yebei

Huwezi chomea watu kwa kanisa alafu ulete millions kwa kanisa unajaribu kubribe mungu:D:Dfuture roomate wa Charles Taylor

no evidence for the killing of witnesses by him, just propaganda. It is called hearsy

Sioni tofauti na hizo shetwani zingine. Watu wamekufa in Baba & Gatheca’s course ni wengi sana. If I had the skill & connects I’d snipe all of them afadhali hili inchi tupatie a good military general alishughulikie.

Gutter press

Lucifer was one of God’s Angel - a magnificent being.
The seal of perfection,
Full of Wisdom…
Perfect in beauty…
Until he became Satan…
The perfect embodiment of evil…
Wanting to usurp all power,
Through wealth, deceit, rebellion, coercion, etc…
And then he (Satan) created his tools on earth…
In his image…
No horns or a tails…
And these tools are Legion…

And guys wanna make that peace of shiet president.

First, he is insubordinate as fuck. Secondly, he has never been my favorite.

If all witnesses are dead, who will testify against him?

The truth shall set you free

Poor photoshop. Look at the contrasting colors of the print

What’s wrong with that in print media?

Guilty conscience?

Its well know that Ruto had many ICC witnesses killed. BUT so did mtoto wa Ngina. Some of the witnesses were killed to protect both of them.

In conclusion:
Even Uhuru would not like those witness killings revisited and looked into closely.


For me all 3 of them had a hand in what happened in 07 & should all hang. None’s a saint , it’s a shame voters don’t see this & 2022 they’ll be giving it to the same devils. Like I said a coup d’etat from a Kagame like man may be the only thing to save us. Wakenya wengi vichwa maji wa kunuliwa na mia mia na kuimba tibim/hustler na tano tena.

If he finds himself there, will he “agree” to die alone?

Quite hard to tell for now