Huyu manzi alipeleka nywele wapi?


Ako tu sawa

There are some people who are born that way, they only have fur like hair

Hio ni balcony ya mawazo.

Huyu ndio aliolewa na oga?

Her hairline recedes anytime she takes from us.

Angeenda Turkey FUE hair translant since she has the money. What she can’t buy is class

Huyu forehead iko sitting room but nywele ziko SQ

Ni kama big mouth foolish oga alishindwa na KAZI. Huyo akipepetwa vizuri mehemehe na kelele Kwa ploti zina Isha.

Asking the same too

Nope. Ule wa Oga anaitwa June. Ni half sister yake.

There is nothing like half sister if you have same father…thats an alien concept…she’s her sister

Huyu Charlene ndio first born wa Rachel?


I agree but to some extent. In most cases, siblings with same mother and different dads bond easier and identify more as one than siblings with same dad and different mum. I have a sibling from my dad’s relationship when he was a teenager and they have never felt like part of me. They had a completely different upbringing. To me they will always be half sibling. We have totally nothing in common.

Uliraukia church?

How long have you been on these streets? I’m atheist:D Nimetoka sherehe!

Feminist as F

what ?? huyu mtoto sio wa Rechael 1st lady ?

Polite Note: Use the hyphen, unless you mean a person grows fur