Huyu Keyboard Human Rights Activist Alipatikana...


A month later she changes her mind…


Double standards

He…he…i hope nothing bad happened to her.

Whiffler has tested the hand that taketh

At cross range

He who feels it knows it

hahaha weka comments huku bwana Mayeks

Ati ukiomba mkamba ikus asipojibu in the affirmative hajaskia swali…:D:D:D

Wanarusee anaruknow.

if it suits your political taste…fulminate!

Trying to maintain a certain stance just so as to maintain a squeeky image before donors and potential employers is no easy tchale. Been there. Hizi paid for trips around the world with bounty per diems si rahisi kulet go. But sometimes the harsh reality sets in. Ama ukipunch you show the ideals your middle finger e.g Mutava Musyimi, Augostino Neto, ngoja uone Bonface Mwangi akishinda incase.

is this ^^ for cleansing eyes ama?

That officer became tired of the thuglet’s lies and whimpering, became very cross and just perforated his six-pack with lead.

Back on topic: the hacktivist had not even seen the footage but had an opinion the size of Mlango Kubwa, and then something personal happened in HER life and it became OK to deal with thuglets. Hypocrisy nayo!

Tiga ngoma muthee…

Wakili mzima. Kama yule Animo ulikuwa una support.

About a decade ago some foolish male activist who allegedly was fond of trashing the police was visited at night. He lived not very far from a police station. So while his “guests” were trying to gain entry into his compound, he called the police station and told them about these uninvited guests. The police just urged him to talk to them nicely and convince them to go visit someone else. Since he was so passionate about championing their rights, surely they were going to listen to him?
The next day he was on TV, trembling while whining about slow response by the police, despite living “just next to a police station.”

wakili utachange avatar mwaka gani?


What ‘im a’ talk 'bout?

a name comes to mind…

Kipruto = @jumabekavu