Huyu jamaa ni mfanyaje...

There is this guy am about tu-organize something for him, a job. The guy currently has a job nt unemployed but the position he wants in, has far more lucrative benefits especially pdm.
So there was something always unsettling /disturbing me at the back of my mind everytime this issue came up and he had been following this up persistently for some time. Then I remembered…

Some few years back when I landed my first job, we were working with the same guy in some company and he is still there to date. The guy had a senior position and very likeable, good social skills ever jovial. So one day we were to elect a welfare committee at work and my name was fronted. Was voted in but the guy was flatly against me being part of the committee and even stood up to oppose this saying it was not part of the agenda for the meeting. Left the company a few months later though don’t know how I could forget this incident and it was not so far back…

have you ever asked him why he thought it wasn’t a good idea you serve on the committee? supposing he knew something you didn’t know?

Maze mwalimu wewe huwa na akili 12.Good thinking hapo

Tenda wema nenda zako

Life is too short to carry grudges … if indeed you are in a position to help do the needful the rest will fall in place.

Adui mtende

Tenda wema nenda nenda zako wee, usisahau Mungu anaona…x2

True. A friend told me how he was basically forced into a friend’s ruracio. They concluded the initial stage “kuhanda ithigi” and of course went out to congratulate themselves only for the bugger they were supporting to brag how it was just a ‘joke’ and that he had absolutely no intention to marry the lass. Tafakari hayo.

huwes shinda ticha maze…

Revenge is a muthafucka, payback is a bitch…muonyeshe dunia ni duara, never pass an opportunity to even the odds. My 2 true cents.


Mhenga pewa maziwa carton mbili kwa bill yangu. Niliskia hukunywagi fobe

Be smart. You might need him too. Help him and make sure that he knows that he owes you big time. Kuna mwezi biz yangu iliharibika I survived on IOU’s. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

Asije akadhani ana bahati kama ya Mtende!

kuuza codeine c biz

Be nice to only those nice to you… hapana leta mchezo hapa

Nani anauza codeine Scroty?


Why should you be nice to him and he didn’t care when you needed his help? what is good for the goose is good for the gander ndio walami walituambia.

I would say just help him. Be the bigger head.