Huyu Hawezi Kuja Sherehe Yangu


let RAO practice his believes in peace.


Huyu mchawi tu bila haifu:oops:

Hii ni witchcraft

uchawi gani , its strange how the whiteman has managed to brainwash you fools with middle eastern religions. thats just an african traditional fairwell of an elder/leader .

infact under kenyan law hierarchy customary laws are the third after statutes. punguzeni ujinga

We as Africans should let the law of the land and our customs reign, there is nothing decent in the western ways either.

Ngai, pole sikumaanisha ukasirike kiasi Mbos!
Kwani wewe ndio tu mkenya wa mwisho asiejua huyu ni baba wa mazishi?

It’s sending the spirit away in peace to the nether lands . Your bonobo grandparents practiced this in peace before the white homosexuals Truman capote eats their jeez came and destroyed our good believes

Tell these fools oh great paramount chief

You have the reasoning capacity of my housemaid. Na sio kwa ubaya

Athuri a rware noginya tumahore faini ya ngoima ciganoona na muratina ,mugereka atia thahu uingiree mathikoine ma muthuri mugathe… @ChifuMbitika

Aida ameshikilia kicheko

We are saddened by this demonic act and appalled by whoever allowed it to happen on our soil

Is everything African demonic and western angelic?

Yes according to us Christians

Some things that come from you these days really puzzle me Chief.

@ChifuMbitika wacha hizo, hiyo whisker inaitwa “orengo”. Akiwave kwa hewa ancestors huko chini get appeased. It’s just an African way of paying respect. Inafaa utafute documentary ya south Africa uone how those people behave kwa matanga, utarealize waafrica we are all the same

Sisi wakristu hatuwezi kubali hiyo uchawi

Huyo “cousin” tangu akuliwe khupipi amekuwa radarless. PTSD.