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“It was during his incarceration that he learned that the incident was instigated by then Minister for Justice, Martha Karua, who then sent her lawyer, Steve Njiru to confirm that he was being humiliated in the manner desired by the said Minister who also instructed the Attorney General to ensure prosecution was mounted.

“According to the plaintiff, he was made to understand that the PCIO (Provincial Criminal Investigation Officer) was under pressure from both the Attorney General and the Minister for Justice. The police admitted that the charge of attempted murder was a hoax and this was confirmed by the findings of the trial court.”

The judgment further reads that during cross examination, “asked about the Minister for Justice, the plaintiff disclosed that the Minister was his friend of many years and was getting back at him for having walked out on her.

Asked why he did not sue her, the plaintiff said that she was the minister and it was the State that had mounted his prosecution. Asked who the minster was, the plaintiff disclosed that it was Hon Martha Karua.”

During the hearing, Patrick Kiswii who appeared for the Attorney General, stated that he called the plaintiff to summon him to the police station, but the number was disconnected. “It was then that with fellow officers, he moved to the plaintiff’s house where they were denied access to the compound.

The witness denied that they received instructions from Hon Martha Karua to press charges and averred that there was no other person involved.”

‘According to the plaintiff’

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Well that was evidence enough for odunga to dunga him 5 million of taxpayers money

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Yes, evidence is necessary when it comes to compensation


Was it, why would the RCIO incriminate himself by admitting the charges were a hoax?

Doesn’t matter what you think. The wise judge, agreed it was evidence enough

Technically the evidence wasn’t enough or incriminating, but I doubt the police admitted to the charge being a hoax

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sidhani. In criminal cases the complaining party is usually called the complainant while the target of the charges is called the accused.

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