Huyu boychild anadate malaya..anajua kweli..wale wa modern green wanajua hii kunguru..

Is this boychild aware his girlfriend is a pussy hawker in town ama anamdanganya anafanya kazi kwa boutique .[ATTACH=full]185785[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]185786[/ATTACH]

Labda anajua.
There are some men who know their girls sell pucci.

I hope he knows, but i guess he has no clue of what “his” gal does…
I was screwing some kunguru in town sometime back and she was telling me how she has a young dude who fucks her.
They are deep in love and he does not know what she does, he thinks that she works in some casino… oooh poor boy

Let them lie

scenario: Kate Darlington gets approached by @Peter Mollis with promises of bundles mwitu every day,upgrade of her bedsitter to a one bedroom somewhere along thika road and salon visits, if only she can part with her vagina just for a few nights out of town ,Kate declines for the fact that Mtisoo…get it …Mtisoo:D:D:D:D, is the one that is rummaging her nether regions and she cannot be a distributor of carnal activities coz she ain’t a fornicator, Mollis is displeased and enraged, he can’t imagine his bald headed giggle stick not diving between the warm thighs of Kate and raid her womb,so he considers mud slinging of Kate’s name without effidens.Now Molis is forced to revert back to his regular schedule of hand to gland combat every morning mid afte and just before he retires to bed…tragic!!!

Composition mingi ya nini…ktalkers wenye wanaendanga modern green wanajua huyu mkamba is a pussy seller huko…

…hand to gland combat…

:D:D:D:D:D:D:cool: ati hand to gland

niangalilie kama leso yangu imekauka hapo nje…

Some Kije whores actually have husbands and children who live in the same houses where the hookers ply their trade.

and ktalkers are the buyers


Some treat is as just another way of earning income. I once watched a documentary about prostitution in some south asian country. It focused on this one girl, who specialized in baiting old wazungu tourists, coz they pay more. Old, like 60 to 80 years, while she was around 19. She lived in the same house with her parents and siblings. Before leaving for work, the entire family would gather to pray for her and encourage her to “work hard”. Including her dad and brothers. It sounded so fucked up.

Huyo sijapata kumtomba

:eek::eek: wadai kuvunja record gani?

:D:D:D:D:D:D pole nimekukosea

Hakuna boss, sidai kumtomba huyo

:D:D:Dthread closed

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D hand to gland combat