Huyu amemeza tembe nyekundu inatoshana mbegu ya avocado


This is just a vagina of a man. Shetani ana offer kulea mtoto wako bila child support stress free na bado unalia? I dont think the nigga wants his son as kuna wengine tuko na watoto huku nje but wants to get back with the woman. Kama mama hakutaki the law clearly states the kid shall be with the mom until he /she is 18. Maybe she moved on… I would gladly watch an omega male feed school and take care of my kid then i swoop in after his 18th Birthday and as you all know, the rest is history… Hehehe hapo ndio mama na betamale watajua damu ni nzito kuliko maji.
Mimi dem toxic akiniambia hataki kuniona na ako na mtoto wangu plus amepata bwana nashukuru mungu sana na naenda mbio sana kuzaa tatu zingine natulia.

Stupid man…if he wants access to the kid si aende hiyo department ya watoto. Halafu anajiaibisha with that bald beech.

I think at some point most of us have been here , albeit briefly. This is the moment you decide if you’ll be a lion or a eunuch. There’s no two ways around it. The eunuch road will have more “peace” but you’re finished as an entity . You’re as good as dusted and done. You’ll slave for the “queen” who’ll get blanked by all sorts of men. The other option is to “kaa kichwa ngumu” and if you won’t get to see that kid, you simply forget , for now. Then build continue to yourself and bide your time… gamble on the future vindicating you . Start anotjer family if need be

ushenzi tupu

I think he genuinely wants to raise his kid. If you have kids Hata inje , I am sure you secretly follow on their progress

kwani hiyo nyap iko na nini tafuta dame mwingine aku zalie mapacha na maisha isonge una mjengea kwao kama nani hiyo kunguru itembeze kubwa kubwa. Lakini from experience makueni ma dame wao ni ma kunguru sana

Never if shes married. I would rather let the kid enjoy his peaceful childhood knowing he has one father than ruin it with stupid tantrums leaving a confused kid with two fathers. Thats how its supposed to be. You are also putting the kid at risk of maltreatment by the adopted dad when you show up in their lives kila saa. Wacha amee atajua baadaye if they went while hes young kama huyu
Go ask your dad if hes alive how many kids he has siku moja over a beer ndio utashangaa

Hehe if she’s fighting you dunia inaendelea. I think I posted about that earlier . But I think it’s good to take care of your kids where u can Hata inje. I know I do

Indeed. If you find someone whose willing to recieve your help. Sasa kama huyu amekublock on all platforms means she doesn’t need your help. how desperate are you as a man kufwata skirt yaama hivyo? Huyu ni mtu hataki kukuona na of course kama huyu najua ako na bwana mwingine its best you take your leave for the sake of the kid and watch from the sidelines bora wasidhulumu mtoto

jamaa amelia ni kama he lost his balls in the battle field. for that mama karma will be served. “hot and chilled”. its about time the guy samples young puthy. it is hot kama oven and he will like the predicament that followed him. time will tell

Looking for sympathy? you are in wrong place because here unlike Facebook you are told the naked truth, anyway being raised by sinco mata I expect that from you, most of us have kids out there we support some others we don’t for same reason as your own.

Toto ta tafuta babake later in life.wachana nayeye. She’s doing a zero sum balance as long as the paps alive na anamyafuta

He should pretend he wants to see the child so she keeps running away from him. meanwhile he should be enjoying his new life free of drama and treachery.
If he shows that he does not care she will take him to court for negligence just to keep up with the drama addiction. That’s how that kind of people are.

Nilisema hapa that women are capable of insane levels of disrespect. This here is a classic case of a woman who doesn’t respect her man. Hadi anatuma wanaume engine wakuthreaten kama kipiii na saa hiyo amekataa na pesa zako na mtoto wako. Anyways, the guy should cut his losses and move on, or take the battle to her by taking her to children’s court. Hii kulia lia kwa social media is something that only omega males who forgive their cheating wives would do. Mwanaume ni kukanyangia pain na kustrategize.

Mimi hiyo slaughterhouse inaitwa marriage siingii kabisa. Tomba na uingie Embobut Forest

:D:D:DYou, my friend, understand how women think. Women always do the opposite of what you want when they want to hurt you. So kama unataka kuona mtoto wako, act like you don’t care and ghost them. Meanwhile, post pics on social media showing you living happily and enjoying life. Trust me, that kunguru will want to ruin your peace by taking you to forcing you to be there for the baby. Hapo ndio unanegotiate shared custody. If you don’t want to see your child, just act needy with them. Call her 10 times a day asking how your child is. Ask to go and see that child. Fake cry on the phone if you have to. Hapo kunguru atakimbia ndio akufichie mtoto in a futile attempt to hurt They are basically overgrown children. Reverse psychology ile.

Wacha omega males za kusamehea cheating wives kama @mengwi wa kuwamengla zikuje zikwambie how you’re not a “real man” and that you should “man up” or die alone. As if dying next to someone who’s counting the minutes before you die so she can run off to hop on some other dick is any better:D:D:D

Hata mama mwenyewe haitoshi mboka.Some women are so entitled na Sura ya mason unashangaa.Uyu jamaa atafute manzi Sura azalishe

Beta male. Huyu mwanamke angeachia tu dunia na wanaume wamfunzie adabu. Jamaa angeingia tu kwa kichaka hii design akule life vizuri…