Huyu Alpha Mail from Kenya amesema lazima aende Europe akamue blue eye: AMG manenos

Wadau ni kama the blue eye wave is growing. makofi kwake wadau
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So far so good and am loving it be it roads,sceneries, forest, nature,rivers,architectures! Germany is just a wonderful country and the experience of taking a ferry from Sweden to Germany is absolutely recommended
Been in Germany for 3 days now and hopefully am going to cross into Czech Republic and see what it offers there
Riding this beast ktm1290 super adventure R 2022 is absolutely make my adventures travel become more fun and enjoyable
Keep it here keep it locked for more adventure travel updates
And thank you all my family and friends for the moral support


Hata mimi AMG mambo ikienda msuri sana lazima niende nidendeshe Ducati Multistrada Pale Norway na Switzerland. To spice up the trip is kamuaring a blue eye

Anakaa Elize Ryd.

Kwani KTM is sponsoring him?
Too much merch

Barabara Gani inampeleka Sweden kutoka Kenya?

Thats a rich kid. Hapana peasant

Huyu analuanga KTM sugu yaani sugu kabisa

Umafwi thread

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kayole highway bro

They got nice stuff

pesa hutafutwa chief

Facts most women in Nordic countries have this BBC fetish

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