Huyu alizaliwa na Ukirimino

At 7yrs old

10yrs later

I remember the first video from a while back… weuh! This idiot cant run to save his life and he has nerve to engage in criminal activities!!

Hahaha this nigga still at it?

Reporter… Do you know you could have killed somebody?
Lawhatever the fuck his name is… Yeah but I wanted to do hoodrat shit with my friend

Accomplice wake Riley Freeman hajashikwa?

Actually it wasnt that bad. They got a lyft guy and he refused to go where they wanted to. Altercation. He jumps off. They take the car and go where they needed to.

Hood rat shit with his friends.

Mbona hakuna mtu amesema huyu ni mtoto wa singo mother… We all know that African Americans have been destroyed by the lack of fathers in the household

damaged by parents and grandma.

Mtoto wa singo matha