Huu ni unyakuzi tu

KTTC Land being grabbed in the name of diplomacy…

Only in Bonoboland will you see shit like this.

The State Department for Vocational and Technical Training told Parliament that the Cabinet approved the relocation of KTTC to pave way for the creation of a diplomatic enclave in line with the Vienna Convention.

“Signatories to the Vienna Convention, to which Kenya is a party are required to identify an area with proper security, good infrastructure, proper social setup among others to house diplomatic missions,

why are we so keen in impressing wazungus?

You are ruled by human butt lickers.

Just another day in Vumbistan.

Maajabu ya Mwafrika. Only in .ke do people grab school land to put up commercial buildings. The college was there before the US embassy, not sure if it’s the same case with UNEP.

It’s how much the land is worth. Wonder who in G.o.K has the title to that land ?

Gathisha and family