Hustlers revolution was hijacked by pastors and their girlfriends

President William Ruto rose to power through a ragtag revolution called Hustler revolution.

Ruto beat all the odds in August by annihilating a well oiled deep state machine called Raila Odinga.

However like in 1960s when the Mau Mau revolution was hijacked by homeguards, hustlers revolution has been hijacked by pastors and their girlfriends.

Few hustlers were invited for state house luncheon on Thursday and no wonder the son of Kamagut was adressing empty seats at Uhuru Gardens during Mashujaa Day celebrations.

I thought it was due to the poor state of our economy and poverty

Si wangelipiwa transport like they used to?
Kweli funda irifikicha msigo.

And here comes another one … :D:D