First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR MEMBERS!!!NAWAPENDA WO??? Hata wale nimeblock nitaunblock sababu nimeona mwaka impya. Yes I still gat exams cumin up buh still have tym for God, village manenos,slayqueen tings si munajua me ndo Mama Yao, and ofcourse NRM manenos,RESIST till the day baba says its irresistible now! Wow! YaanI tumefika 2018, maze God is REAL and so amazing. So excited about this year. So nimeland,wah jam already imeanza wth? So nikaenda spa, you know these reach husband daddies we have kuparara is a sin. So since I don’t get my anything done by a man, and clients were few, boy child hairdressers and nail clinicians wameuma bench wakipinga gumzo.

Wah! Wacha nikwambie a reach woman is a hot commodity in this market if what those boys were saying is the truth. Yaani boys nowadays are going even to Tanzania to get amulets and love portions to attract reach women. We! As in a woman will find them irresistible! Enyewe reach women we are becoming an endangered species. Wah! Girl child kama huna chako we ni gold digger untoanisha boychild,ukijaliwa upate hela shida nyengine, unawindwa windwa! Heh! Ukiwa mrembo Sijui slayqueen,Sijui team mafisi. Heh! Sisters run to the Lord Jesus hapa nje sio kuzuri.

So before I left,one was justifying why yeye haezi date poor girl child hata awe mrembo eje. He was like ukiwa hustler utakaaje na hustler mwenzako,si hio ni stress unajitafutia. Ofcourse I know if its girl child talking this way hata singedhubutu kuleta hio mada huku. Hateration nimereceive for being a reach man’s sweety inanitosha. I don’t want you to say am supporting female prostitution but let’s be very honest. Hii ya hawa majamaa ni umalaya au ni hali ya kuhustle?

Over to you wadau. Mawe zije. Am ready for you !

Ni umalaya. A hoe is a hoe is a hoe…

backhoe kumbaff

Issa a throw.

Are you reach?

Y casket

Si ukuwe sugar matha wa @Mosa??

Happy New Year georgemakei

Hio logic is not progressive. Proper role models is who we (Kenyans) lack. Mtu atakufungua akili. When someone is idolized like that, they won’t see further. Sharing knowledge is more important.

Wouldnt you like to know.

@GeorginaMakena , Nimesoma yote leo.Quite brief and to the point. Ni spa gani hiyo? iko na maboys hivo? Maybe u need to change spa. Happy New Year though.

Mosa deh ako poa financially.

I cant read all this novel… shiet why do u waste your tym on crap

I see new year resolution unataka ku support sufferer

Reach mama ni nini sasa?

Georgina unataka nikukamue siku gani sweetie

This is the one and only @uwesmake behind a pseudo account. The language structure is just too common.


reach mama ni wa kutomba tu