Hustlers I thought it was Baba who was looking for money to buy big cars?

LOL. I fall deeper and deeper in love with how the chief hustler screws hustlers on a daily basis. Huku ndio subsidy zinaenda. LOL. Y’all need to make better choices. Mumekua rejects the guy is now just sorting his family and friends. Mulisahaulika. Kiambu is leading in children who dropped out after class 8. Kumbe Uhuru wasn’t such a monster after all. The best revenge against hustlers is the pain of reality. Another mama who was so smug when Zakayo was sworn in was lamenting about how she’s had to do a lot of cutting back on alot of things. Being a Christian I nodded and left. Kuleni ujeuri wenu nyani hizi.


STUPID is Riggy Gee’s middle name …