Hustler Ruto is draining the swamp


Umafwi tu. Afadhali factory ya arv ichomeke

Azimio goon heal polepole. I know it is hurting and disappointing to you when the guy you had painted as corrupt is taking tough action against corruption compared to your clean holy Aziilmio brothers

Wasn’t one of Gachagua’s sons mentioned in the net scandal pale KEMSA?

I am waiting to see someone tell us how kikuyus are being targetted, kama huyu hapa juu

Kikuyus are being tangeted.

But Ruto and his people including the ‘‘egg’’ when that sugar was being condemned said it was political

Ruto is the Swamp itself.


This is what Kimoi used to do. This dude is so unoriginal it hurts. Whenever there was public outcry or there was an anticipated outcry, this is what he would do, and in reality all it did was pacify the largely illiterate herd; there was hardly ever any improvement in service delivery, no retribution, no restitution. Within a few months it was all forgotten, a different set of players stepped into the stage, another scandal, rinse and repeat.

I really do clutch at straws hoping to be wrong, but there is a lot that tells me I ain’t.