hustler movement

Sabina Chege likely to join DP Ruto’s Tanga Tanga team.
According to a source speaking to our reporter Jack Reu, Sabina is said to have meet Dr. William Ruto’s top wing men sending a strong signal that the Murang’a County Women Rep might be on her way out of the Kieleweke wing allied to the ruling Jubilee Party.
Our source also indicated that Sabina is highly likely to accompany DP Ruto to Bomet County this Friday.
This comes amidst wrangles in the Jubilee party with the country waiting to see a mass political realignment.

Hii wsr ni moto ya makaratasi

Movement has swept thru the country and needs to be handled with care. I saw Jakuon claiming that he is also a hustler. Why can he not be original?

after Kenol murders, this muitu wa county should never be accepted. akae kwa ruBBIsh


The grassroots are so strong on Hustler wave such that every leader has to join. However joining is a minimum requirement as the people have other leaders in the same area within the movement.

Sabina chege last year was punctuated with matharau because she had become sweety. Well that gig doesn’t last for long. Her return is mostly driven for self preservation and nothing else. The good thing is that we have many other women leaders in that area for consideration.

Hustler movement has too many shades currently and that needs wisdom to guide it to a refined platform. For example those who left briefly to kitoeleweka thanks to state house payoffs can join Party of Empowerment and Prosperity under Moses Kuria as their new home. PEP is part of Hustler movement and they can save face of the immediate embarrassment of seeking Chief Hustler blessings soon after going against him. Civil activists and NGOs that previously are infamously known as evil society are part and parcel of Hustler movement. They also need their space to guide the movement. Martha Karua and Kibwana have also agreed to work together on areas that helps the people. Lastly the members who are the ordinary people. All this people, groups and organization needs a collective plan that has been worked out. History has taught us well from kanu, ford, narc and Jubilee. Hustler movement will be ran separately from Chief Hustler. People interest first. When we are in power that separation of movement and government has to be there. So that even Chief Hustler can’t start pull stunts like President Uhuru in the movement.

All are welcome back and new members are filling in as well. However this time the leadership starts from grassroots to the top. Separation of party movement and government will be a must.

So what will be the difference between this new Jubilee and the one they voted for in 2013 and 2017?