Hustler Movement


Dawa inawaingilia pole pole. Now they even publicly admit that Central and Mt. Kenya had fully shifted to Hustler:D:D:D:D:D
No more phantom maths ati 8%, 30% etc. Its gone kitambo.

Then RAT own base is also fully eroded except Nyanza. They are dreaming to expect the same from Ukambani, luhya and pwani.

Hustlers is tribeless.

Any updates on Jubilee development sir!! Even if it is the distribution of wheelbarrows

Mutahi ameanza kuwa bitter.
What was happening in Pangani today. Other Mount Kenya legislators walikuwa na another meeting

It’s two years to the erection

Which Mt. Kenya legislators?

You are from Mt. Kenya, you replace 99% of this leaders in every election. Central taught that to RV residents. One term and you go home.

You don’t need a litmus test to know Hustler commands the grassroots in the region. It has now spread to all regions.

Then lastly, central legislators need to learn this from RV. Don’t form groups only in elections periods. RV legislators have that constantly. They are the first bridge to DP Uncle Ruto. If anything is needed in the ground they ask him just incase he doesn’t know already then accompany him there. Mt. Kenya leaders have met now this year. 8 years after Jubilee took power. Where have they been. Now when President Uhuru is approaching lame duck!!!

In your wildest dreams! Wewe na your Sugoi thug 2022 mtarudi mashambani mkalime…that is kama hizo shamba zitakuwa bado ni zenyu juu once RAO is in…we’ll come for what’s ours, mpende msipende!

Itumbi tunaelewa uko job

This is even dumber than 2013 when two Mahabusu were elevated to Pres and DP.

Who are you going to erect?

Why are you threatening people? Are you insinuating that once Raila is president, you are going to displace people or invade their property?

Howcan a Kenyan presidential candidate be tribeless??? :D:D

Hapo unajienjoy.

Ati 2 years to erection?? Inaonekena wewe na dame wako do some serious foreplay

And how many Kikuyu votes can she deliver? :D:D:D



If taking what was once ours means displacing people, that means they were not supposed to be there in the first place, and so be it. Wakiiba tunazi-recover!

Wewe ulikuwa na nini in the first place

Kaulize nyanyako! Ghaseer!

Hehe! Who is she?

Umrzoea kuongea na wafu

Labda kama wewe ni mfu!