Hustler Line Up 2022 to counter Dynasties per BBI

From inside sources
Deputy President
Prime Minister

Mluhya yuko wapi ?

Waichungwa ako biz ya kukula pesa ya wizi. Mutua can be a good stunt man Kwa movie za oga za kulia.

Free advice. He should go back to the drawing board.

There is no lineup yet my friend. There are people who look strong for those positions but no line up.

Two things.

  1. Toa hapo cobra squad, he is not a serious contender for any seat apart from Machakos senator once his second term as governor is done and only is Muthama doesn’t run.

  2. There has to be a woman in any lineup as they represent 60% of voters and they religious favour DP Uncle Ruto.

Secondly, whichever party vehicle DP Uncle Ruto will pick to run with then all party elective positions from Presidential candidate, running mate up to MCA will be contested by party members. No boardroom decisions. Kila MTU atajitetea kwa wananchi Kenya nzima. 2022 hustlers will decide collectively who will be their Presidential candidate, DP candidate etc. So whoever wants that seat better start looking for favour in all 47 counties just like their future boss.