Hustler inauguration to be covered by foreign contractor

Wimbo ushaanza. Buy Kenya build Kenya ends with Unye.


The new President’s communication team has chosen a private contractor to cover the inauguration of the 5th President of Kenya. Local media which would have done a joint production at no charge will receive the contractor’s live feed.

I second. Enyewe we need more competent western media. Time to start paying our white masters. Wa afrika hawakuangi serious we have been waiting for meat for 2hrs ingekua Faugo Gachio we would be winding up by now.

mkiwa na event za nyumbani mnachukua outside caterers lakini Arror akifanya ivo ni makosa?

Do not question JSKS wisdom. He is where he is because of it.
You are where you are because of yours.

Media max ( k24) = Kenyattas
Standard group ( ktn) = Mois
Nation media group ( ntv) = Aga khan
Kbc= state.

All those celebrated top media houses were used by " deepstate" to mock, frustrate, give blackout to Orkoiyot. Watasamehewa immediately after his swearing in.

Soon the turkish thug will be back to be helped to invest billions in uganda.

I hear close to KES: 300 million of scarce , hard-earned Taxpayers money will be spent on the Inauguration Ceremony and celebrations …

I wonder …

How many Healthcare Facilities would Prof: Kivutha Kibwana build in Makueni County with that money …??? … :D:D:D