Hustler has crossed the red line

There is no where in the world where a junior opposes his boss like hustler is doing with the BBI. Hata kwa ofisi this can never happen. He should be impeached ASAP since he is not ready to resign.

He’s getting ready for opposition. It’s clear as day and night

freedom of speech,assembly and choice.In any case we all agree that bbi is pure bullshit

Would Kagame stomach such nonsense? Would Trump stomach such nonsense? Would Putin stomach such nonsense? What would Museveni do? Would you tolerate such nonsense in your office? Would you entertain such nonsense in your own home where your wife opposes everything you say? The horns need to be cut to size.

Uhuru is president and there is nowhere in the world a deputy calls >100 members to his house to oppose what the president has proposed.

There is nowhere in the world where a boss is opposed by juniors like in Kenya, the boss should quit.

its every man for himself here.don’t follow your boss to the gallows and risk history judging you harshly.Raila has decided to use bbi to commit political suicide.We can’t stop him

Those are men who resolve what to do and do what they resolve, cut from same clothe as Arror. Unfortunately your president is not like them.

I have to admit that Iam deeply disappointed. I regret voting for the coward thrice.

Time for uhunye to ELIMINATE bis number 2

He has EVERY right to oppose it. BBI is the dumbest proposal ever produced.

NO it’s time for Uhunye to quit

Wewe tu ndiye unadhani it’s opposing. In reality, these people are plotting how to continue pulling Kenyans’ legs. They all speak differently but eat from the same plate called public coffers.



He should learn from salva kirr on how to handle a rogue deputy.

We all know who runs the government “mama”

And a message to kokuyus - only an idiot celebrates while “a stranger” fights his own brother. Coz when your big brother is insulted, humiliated and brought down, you will be next to be castrated and there will be no one to defend you.

Underestimate WSR at your own peril. This is a vvvv wily cat we are watching. I love how he ups his game each day. This is one politician to watch for. Amechezea Uhuru big time. Wonder what witchDR Murathe is saying right now huko kwa Matiang’i, Waiguru and other goons kwa kitchen cabinet.

Stupid Americans ruled out Biden…sasa ona aibu.

Bbi is shitty