Hustler + Earthquake wave vibrations - wiper & wanjigi coalition.

Earthquake vibrations have ended Elections 2022 contest. cerelac coalition is dead. We were firm favourite to win but now its absolute win. Everyone is now on a mad rush to join publicly. Nakuru ongoing and Earthquake tremors everywhere. Sorry Lee kinyanjui, it will be a great effort if you get 10% of the votes. Susan Kihika and Keroche will embarrass you in the ballot. Nakuru has being defining. We are absolutely unstoppable. Next stop Kakamega. [ATTACH=full]413040[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]413041[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]413042[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]413043[/ATTACH]

Meanwhile wiper too decided enough with the political conman RAT and have formed an alliance with wanjigi.
That there is when the fat lady started to sing luwere. RAt has lost Western, Ukambani, Nairobi and coast. He is left with odm nyanza na hapo pia tunakujia 30% of the vote cast. All that was wasted by the unsuccessful attempt to climb Mt. Kenya. DP Uncle Ruto hold in RV, Central, Mt Kenya, pastoral countirs and NE is religiously strong.

Uchumi Kwanza, Form ni Earthquake, mpango ni bottoms up & pesa mfukoni.


Uhuru amgepush oka brothers, Tin God itakuwa ngumu Sana huku Mt kenya

Tulisema hii maneno ya stopping in the middle of the road so that you egnerate a crowd must be stopped. If you want to have a rally do it like Baba ie call one at kasarani or thika stadium, not disrupting people’s lives by blocking the roads.

It seems the earthquake caught Uhuru by surprise , his recent knee jerk reactions proves it


Kibichoo bloggers and rat viral supporters, nitafungua rehab for you lot. 10 years of high toxicity is not good for you. Zoea the 5th President mapema.

Baba amekimbia halftimeyet we have several months to go. Will he manage the tough months that are coming? Uzito wa earthquake


It’s over for RAT. This time he’s moving to Bondo forever.:D:D:D

People i am telling you kalooser will give you proof of his stupidity. Not that it will help ass-mio

Even moses kuria as jayden spy is trying to rebuild bridges back to Hustler nation. He knows its over. [ATTACH=full]413050[/ATTACH]

These declarations…pesa mfukoni,uchumi kwanza, hehehe. What matters is WHO counts the vote.
Niko nyuma ya Earthquake lakini tusidanganyane it will not be easy


Game changer!

Yote yawezekana bila Rao,yote ya wezekana bila azimio X5

political party amendment bill was meant to dissolve OKA and force the principles to take sides. Hata huyo wanjigi ni project ya ruto. Apparently ruto’s strategy is dividing western and ukambani votes which tinga has been enjoying. Hapa western hao washenzi wawili watu wamewakataa. infact people are detestiful referring to them as women. Ruto has placed all his cards on the table prematurely. In politics hata one week is a long time. For now we allow people like @spear to get entertained

@johnpombe receiving erection results.
But game changa…still too early to predict anything…we may even see entry of 3rd forces.

all his cards? , hehe … expect more surprises from ruto

kama gani? sahi he is very predictable. apart from the two sisters, another dead lift like wanjigi can join him. siasa ni marathon

Expect more movement in the transfer season. Also remember this cooperation. Bigger things worked out. Walk over is not enough. [ATTACH=full]413067[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]413068[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]413069[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]413070[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]413071[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]413072[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]413073[/ATTACH]

This is the absolute truth!!! now that kamelon has also announced he is going all the wau to the ballot, it is game over for jakuon. without 2 million votes of ukambani and about 1.5 from western, tinga is toast.