Hustle Objectively, Lenga Pharmacy : Some frozen Jik in here (In Ghanaian Coolers) for you.

So, the word socialite got a new definition in this country. Started with madame famous, who show up to parties and get paid. For pulling crowds. Using their bodies. Wengine na maboobs. Wengine Kunyambis.
Then wengine wakaongeza kuuza grocery dubai. Ama kuuza Nyanya dubai.
The “Most Successful ones” would take photos besides the Burj, in expensive hotels, on jet-skis, you know.
Alafu kukatokea story ya Pesh Munyithya Lema.
Shosholait alishikwa na panadol in Accra on Transit to I don’t know where, caught, charged and jailed.

Spoiler alert : Old News from June

Sasa atarudi Kenya after 10 years. kama watu wanadinya sex toys. Now this Kunyambis is wasting away in some dingy Accra Jail
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Anakaa falashtuka kidesign.


She is UGLY. let them keep her for ever.

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How can the chupilee government let such a young soul rot away in a foreign jail???

This is unacceptable and i am immensely annoyed!!!

you should hear her speak…


very ugly akae tu huko KUMAsi jail in ghana , although siwesmind kumwaga ndani ya hio mkundu .


Na vile niliambiwa ati pharmacists hutoa mules zao Kwa ngori!
Kumbe ni stori!

Being a socialite in Kenya doesn’t pay well unless you have a side job such as the above or providing extra services to rich men.

Watu waache tamaa ya pesa ya haraka. @uwesmake can i pay you to extricate her using your navy seal techniques?

I will then make her pay me back by sentencing her to 5 years hard labour in my Tomba Chambers.


Cheki hako kasegment from 0:39

Hiyo mkono…

Hapo ndio alifichia cocaine.
Aka-mould ikae kama cameltoe, msee wa customs akakuwa suspicious

Its like shes fingering some…Ukiwekewa mkono hapo una-mbao yote