Watu wa Gay Community Yenu iko hapa( Disclaimer: Am anti gayism-not LGBT, their lifestyle but I study gay relationship dynamics to understand if gender is a social construct or if gender traits are inborn,inherited or inherent in men and women - yeah my mind dwells on profound things like that :p)

The guy in second video still has feelings for the girl but his ego too big. I can totally relate
On the third lesbo video, women understand their feelings and emotions better than men understand women.

uyu mzoga wakionana tena ata kama ameolewa atakamuliwa tu

ukipata wife wako na ex kaka ushakamuliwa

I noce dumped a girl, mimi huwa namfeel, asin naeza mkamua but siezi mrudia lakini bado namiss kukamua. That puthy was booomb

Me I was totally shocked that after a year,which is when you should be moving on ,is when you are catching feelings. Kwani how are men in these mamboz? Thought theyre the ones who move on swiftly? Me, ubaya wangu , I forget things so so fast, especially the bad things, especially if someone dies, I cant hold on to anything bad they ever did,no matter how bad, its a good thing coz you have less things to make you unhappy. With all the stress it takes to be a Kenyan hakuna space for grudges and anger and heartache. What ,with all the mercury we drink… and with all the loans and taxes, do you really have any energy left to be madd at your exes? Let them come to Kenya,they’ll be the most happy,go lucky people ever coz just being alive and healthy and having a job and a house and a car and a farm and things people in first world consider to be a given, are a huge privilege. Living in the circus called Kenya guarantees short memory span. And to hell with everything that happened yesterday leave alone a week,a month or a year ago. Sasa ni madeni ya China nitafikiria ama ni vacay ya mwaka huu nitafikiria ama about what happened last year? After a year Id expect it to be more like this.

than like this

And here is one for 2 gay men…its so effeminate, even more than the lesbian one

Well said

Benefits of being a Kenyan, you are too busy with corruption and murder scandals to stay madd at anyone. Accept and Move On is the Motto. And do we move on swiftly, Ive tried really hard to remember what happened last year at this time of year walahi I cant, information overload means trashcan is always busy being emptied. No space for useless issues that happened a long time ago.

Ama kwa Kiswahili “pambana hali yako”

Kenya hali ni moja, ama is it form ni moja, form ni kulipa madeni za China as fast as Unye is topping up the loans. This is what awaits us in 2030, Kenya’s Vision 2030 imetushinda now we’re jumping to Big 4 , a country that is struggling to keep county governments afloat is now on a huge unrealistic en devour of Big 4. Your house is on fire instead of putting out the fire you are busy painting the house on the outside. Kwanza if Loot All becomes PORK that will be the last straw.