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perfect for wearing under a suit.

Low snag adjustable velcro outer ankle cuffs.

[ATTACH=full]17458[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]17459[/ATTACH]
Zip Up Shoes for women:
Waterproof PVC fabric and Nonslip Rubber Bottom
Great for Rainy Season

Watu wa muhoho South C. Iko pia kayak.


El nino preps

Nop ,these are “ant-rape gadgets”


How are the boots countering rape?

a rapist will just carry a knife and slit near the slit


osungu.gif vhane!!


Kenyans :D:D


For wearing under or on top of a suit?? Are these water proofs for motorcycle riding?

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It is worn On top. But You manana!!! You can use it to ride a bodaboda or even wear it under your pant. ISORAIT!!!

Ooh…!!! they are water [SIZE=5]proofs[/SIZE] too

Arokaz, you have written…and i quote… ‘perfect for wearing under a suit.’
Any way weka cost tujue kama ni viable. Am personally interested in a top and bottom preferably if the have reflective strips…
Weka individual costs ya zote… well except the inflatable Dingy/Kayak… South Sea/Budalangi sio kwetu.


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