Hunting gone wrong


Did he really did, it does not look like he was given a thorough beating

Maybe the first hit he got was lethal.

Beautiful! Just awesome! Why go killing other animals for ‘fun’?


Ande akiendaga, ghasia!

A fool going to hunt using an outdated manual rifle instead of a semi-auto.

Saa ngapi:-

  1. Asukume bolt mbele kujaza cartridge.
  2. Avute trigger.
  3. Baadae avute bolt nyuma ndio iteme empty cartridge,
  4. Asukume bolt mbele tena kujaza cartridge nyingine ndio avute trigger kutoa risasi ya pili.

Angekipata kama angecheza na mnyama fast & swift kama chui.

Hunting guides are at fault here.

I would drink to this…sijui nirudi local?

Buffalo imefanya kazi mzuri sana. Those screams were music to my ears.

Was it in Africa or Mexico. I don’t think they have such buffalo’s in Mexico

Ingekua a big cat by the time he is reloading msito chui angekua ashafikia internal jugular vein

:D:D:D:D:D:D my uncle was re arranged his dental formula by a buffalo pale B2 kanyoonyoo , what saved him is removing his white shirt and his pants in-between the goring . Whenever I see his distorted jaws I respect Buffaloes more

Manual rifle Iko poa Kwa hunting it feels real

For slow & harmless animals, lakini huwa risky kwa wale faster & violent.

Nyama ya Buffalo you boil for one week. Hakuna haja. Bure kabisa. Ngombe ici

Hapo njugula ni sehemu gani ya Kangemi??

Game meat muncher detected

Jugular vein is the one that takes blood to the sexual organs