Hungry African migrants scramble for Oranges in the snow covered streets of NYC

It makes no sense to pay cartels your life savings, leave your beautiful African country with sunshine all year round for this brutal cold, hunger and humiliation.

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This is really sad.



Man must take risks


You have to understand these people. They’re sacrificing short term embarrassment/shame for long term gains.

These people will get some under the table jobs, save up enough and buy a car which they can use for gig jobs like Uber/lyft/Ubereats/Doordash/Grubhub/Postmates etc etc etc.

These gig jobs pay well. For example, my friend drives an Uber (he’s Kenyan) and he makes $1800 in a good week and maybe $1000 a week minimum when it’s slow. This is in Seattle, Washington.

In cities like NYC for example, gig workers who deliver food don’t need a car because it’s actually slower (NYC traffic). They buy mopeds or electric bikes and there are startups that build starter electric bikes. They go for $3k.

If you go to Harlem or even Upper West Side, you’ll see hundreds of Senegalese and Sudanese dudes (black, and tall as fuck all speaking French) driving around in electric bikes with big bags delivering food. It’s awesome to watch and I love it for them. African immigrants have the grit to succeed in America :us:.

You guys endeleeni kucheka. Always remember, it’s all about short-term embarrassment for long-term wins.

Long story short, these people will get to a point of saving $2k a month in a short time. This is great money for a group of people who have zero chance of getting a job that pays $500 in their home countries. I met some lady from Argentina who makes $400 a month as a teacher. Lady, what the fuck are you doing vacationing on that salary which you probably had to save for years?


IMO if you don’t have a reasonable plan you should not emigrate. There is a reason why a large number Americans can’t cover a $1000 dollar emergency without borrowing. If you have a skill or have a way of acquiring the skill it would be a great move.


The reason most Americans can’t cover a $1k bill is not because they’re poor or don’t make money. It’s because all they do is spend on a big car, big house and all of that. America is driven by mass consumerism. Americans love big things. There’s a reason sedans don’t sell here. Everyone buys big trucks and SUVs. Your claim is disingenuous.

If you want to save you will save. All immigrants do save once they start getting these gig jobs. They don’t buy the shit that Americans do.


I know but I am saying having a plan will greatly limit the suffering and time you will need to achieve these goals.

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Principly right but your examples are wrong. Don’t try and compare standard of living in the USA and Argentina or any developing nation. $500 is peanuts in the US, but that’s 80k in Kenya. You can live just fine with that if you stay in a small town like Meru.
That lady makes $400k in Argentina but they have ways to save money there. Utapata she has free housing, na chakula ni ile kutoka ushago. Also she’s probably visiting on the invite of relatives who typically caters for all her travel expenses, food and accommodation. Lots of visitors from Brazil uko Miami, in fact wameinvest uko.And you find they are just city council workers back home.


Rustler nashukuru; that I get to live the best of both worlds. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa wadau…

Again, Kenyans (and Africans) like to bring up how much further $500 goes in poor countries and equate that to someone making $80k in America.

It doesn’t matter if you’re able to save $5k every month. You guys should learn about the concept of guaranteed minimums.

I love how mnapenda kujiconsole ati “He makes $100k in America but inaisha yote because of the cost of living”. I find that funny as fuck.

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It’s still not worth it.

Unless your country is wartorn there is no reason to migrate this way heri ujaribu greencard or B2 visa

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