Hungary bans gender studies at university

Labour market demand for gender studies graduates was also ‘close to zero,’ as ‘no-one wants to employ a gender-ologist,’ Semjen said.

The CEU, where gender studies has been taught for over two decades, is also embroiled in a bitter administrative dispute that the university says could drive it out of the Hungarian capital, its home since 1993.

A higher education law placing tough new requirements on foreign universities which passed last year was also seen by critics as targeting the CEU, founded by liberal US billionaire George Soros.

Attracting students from over 100 countries and also offering US-accredited programmes, the university has long been seen by Orban as a hostile bastion of degeneracy.

Good move. Gender studies is a bullshit degree. Then utapata people with such a trash degree wanting to earn the same as a doctor/engineer.
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Oh.Geez…what a load of female-pandering balderdash

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