Humor in Islam

I’d like to talk to you about humor, in particular, the humor of Muhammad. The head of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini proclaimed, “Allah did not create man so that he could have fun.” An Islamic regime must be serious in every field. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There’s no fun in Islam. Well, actually there is some fun in Islam. There’s some humor in Islam. I’d like to show you what Mohammed thought humor was from Muslim, The Hadith.

Muhammad said to Syed, “Shoot an arrow.” Syed drew an arrow and shot a featherless arrow on the Meccan side and he fell down and exposed his private parts. “I saw Muhammad’s front teeth when he laughed.” Another Hadith from Muslim. I said, “Mohammed, let me select from our people 100 men and I will go follow the Marauders and I will kill them all.”

Muhammad laughed so much that I could see his back teeth reflected in the fire. From Bukhari, another Hadith. Muhammad woke up with a smile. “What makes you laugh, O Allah’s Apostle?” He said, in my dreams, some Muslims were displayed before me as jihadists sailing over the sea like Kings and Thrones. So we can see here what makes Muhammad laugh and have fun and have a good time, that is the suffering of kaffirs. So if you were suffering, Mohammed thought that was funny, but you’d better never laugh at Mohammed.

Did you know that in 1400 years there’s never been a Muhammad joke? Now there’s jokes about God, Jesus, St, Peter and Moses and Noah, but none about Muhammad. Now why is this?

You can tell a joke about Allah, but maybe get by with it but you see Allah is still alive and is still compassionate, so he might forgive you. But if you blaspheme Muhammad by telling a bad joke or anything else, Muhammad is dead and he cannot give you compassion and redemption. A schoolteacher was convicted of insulting Islam by allowing her class of six year olds to name a Teddy bear Mohammed, surely a harmless thing. This was in the year 2007 in Sudan and she was arrested, tried, convicted, and imprisoned.

Not very funny. Now, humor is an interesting thing to think about because it pokes fun at our foibles and flaws. But here’s the problem. There are 89 verses that say Muhammad is the perfect human being, the divine human prototype. So how could he have foibles?

So therefore, no cartoons. But this is normal. Authoritarian power never allows criticism. So no jokes. There were no jokes about Hitler. There were no jokes about Stalin. There were no jokes about Mao Zedong of China. But you know, critical thought and rational thought allow criticism and critical thought loves humor. I give you the evidence of political cartoons, which I love, but better not to have Mohammed cartoons.

Molly Norris, who was a journalist in the state of Washington, had a “Draw Mohammed Day.” Well, there were riots, threats, and to this day, she lives in a witness protection plan under the FBI. Charlie Hebdo is a humor magazine. There was a shooting of jihadist attacks that shook France in January 2015, killing 17 people. Why? Because the magazine published some cartoons about Muhammad. This is Islamic authoritarian thought. Nothing in Islam is allowed to be criticized or made fun of.

Muhammad had his critics assassinated. Asma bint Marwan was a woman who wrote a poem about Muhammad. Mohammed said, “who will rid me of Marwan’s daughter?” One of his followers heard him. And on that very night, he went to the woman’s home to kill her. He was blind, so the night time worked to his advantage. She had the baby at the breast. He removed the baby and drove a knife to her that pinned her to her wooden bed.

So that’s what happened to people who made jokes about Mohammed. A sense of humor about the world and yourself shows an inner strength and a balanced personality. It takes a mature person to laugh at their mistakes and foibles. We learn about Muhammad and Muhammad through his sense of humor, and what do we learn? Well, you can draw your own conclusions.

Read more about political Islam from Dr. Bill Warner’s new book, Measuring Mohammed.


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