So yours truly was a left back pale njoro boys sometime back, so on this day tulikuwa invited on a certain football tournament in Nai and our first game was against laiser hill, lets just say things never went to plan, nililishwa chobo,kanzu, na kadhalika .By full time we were eight goals down.A complete disaster. The next two games we shipped in 7 goals and were bundled out of the tourna without even scoring. the trip back to school was shamefull.

What was your greatest defeat in a football match?

When i was playing for real mabrid tulinyukwa mabao tisa na mamchester united

Hamukupewa punishment upon arrival?
back in the day I heard games teacher alkuwa anakuchangamkia viboko if you missed a goal or created a defensive mixup leading to a goal

Campus tournament ya VC. @senji nilikuwa the best rightback in our department. We were playing against the school team sasa hio ilikuwa moto. I waa the undisputed starter nikapatana na winger fulani sikuizi ako kpl. Nilikula chenga kadhaa lakini hio siku nilikuwa nimeapa hatafunga. Finally tulimanage draw

you can imagine how we felt as results were read on monday morning asssembly infront of the whole school. we were the laughing stock

I always wondered who was that amature…kumbe ni wewe:D

Now you know!

Amateur. Sawa?

fuck the spelling.But you get my point.

No wonder bets zako huchapa


Hehe… hujemwambia Poa

:D:D:D:D mpira ilimkataa kila mahali. aweke odds za tenis au bball

Mimi nikiwa form 1 nikaingishwa futa cha lazima, I mean luhyias with big bodies were assumed to be good soccer and rugby players…hio mwaka, yaani 1999, there happened to be a team called kisii high ikakam friendly…mchezo tulionyeshwa hio siku ilifanya sijawai cheza any serious soccer again…I will never forget a certain Mulama supported by Ramadhan Balala and John Muiruri. By second half we were just ball watching, we were in awe…they won nationals that year.