Humble Brag: Motivational Quotes

In this era ya social media, I noticed that when someone comes across a large sum of $$, the first thing ni kuenda pale Instagram na FB anaanza kupeana motivational quotes na business advice. Slay queen akipata sponsor who is splurging on her anaanza zile za “independent woman” sijui “hard work” “I love the woman I’m becoming” etc. Same goes for men, jamaa anaoshana scam halafu pale FB na Instagram hamtatulia. Form ni kuenda live every two days and posting quotes about hard work and perseverance. Nowadays I am very skeptical about people who start posting motivational quotes and going live every 24 hours. From the few I know, pesa yao sio safi. Don’t get me wrong, some people made it clean and I exclude them in this post. The others are entertaining to watch though nasomanga hizo quotes najua kuna mtu pahali amepewa muosho mmoja wa ariel.

So unataka aje brownskin? Tukununulie guarana ama?

Ofcos! halafu kuna wale wanatarget a specific person kumfeelisha tu