Humble Appeal No. 2 of June 2020

Forum members are very politely requested to cease and desist trying to outdo each other in demonstrating just how far behind culturally, technologically, governance etc we Africans are.

The samo points can be expressed without putting down .ke and nyeuthi. Its called “kuongea poa”

In a YT video Prof Joy Degrue said the behaviour of negroz being overly critical of other negroz is a coping mechanism where a Negro looks at the pathetic state of his people and trys to [COLOR=rgb(247, 218, 100)]exclude himself by always pointing out negative negro stuff to reaffirm to themselves and demonstrate to others like….mimi sio kama hizi negro zingine, mimi naelewa vile Africans ni wajinga na wako nyuma….therefor am better then other Africans …… enlightened African

……A cut above the rest

ushenzi ka hio

Its important to note that the African has been subjected to stuff that triggers funny funny coping mechanisms

Thank you


but not all who are criticizing Africans think they are better.
there are some who want to highlight our weaknesses in the hope that others will see the same and together come up with a solution.
some want to show that we blame others for our problems yet we are the problem/contributors to the problem.

Yes there are those that offer constructive criticism.
Then there is the group i described that overdo it and the intentions are not based of good faith.