Human rights are human rights

“The Government, through the leadership of Kenyan prisons, should introduce a law that allows women serving lengthy jail terms enjoy sexual intimacy with their visiting husbands,” Swaleh of the Mtangani GK Prison in Malindi, Kilfi County said.

Miss Langata apewe kijiti

Who will take care of the resultant population

I second this not just spouse hata Malaya wanaeza unda unga Sana na economy ijengeke. I expect most politicians to support this

Jomo, Raira, jaramogi , koigi , @Abba and many more were once behind bars you never know the future

MGTOW battalion’s dream partner is a woman in jail. Unachukuanga slices visiting day alafu hakuna haja ya kusumbuana na logistics za Karura



You do the crime ,you do the time. Just dont drop the soap while you are at it. Wafungwa wasipewe leeway yoyote. Sex is a basic human right,i think, but then again akivunja sheria didnt they know they were forefeiting their rights? Wafungwe hadi wamalize term yao wakatombwe huko nje :D:D:D

Good question,jibu hiyo

do you know how many innocent people are rottting in kenyan prisons?

african progress is very slow …

Like i said,you do the crime ,you do the time. If anyone is languishing in jail,blame the shoddy work of D-Materials and jungle justice sytem. Hakuna kupea mwizi,muuwaji na mnajisi conjugal rights. Wakule ujeuri wao.jela sio kwa hayo tu.

mbona mnajifanya hamjawai sikia kids who grow under single fathers.

What’s this special with women in jail for you to impregnate them and take their kids away and raise them as single fathers? Indeed you need help

Wengi wao wana doh, so wanaweza hire mababy sitters au kuwapeleka babies homes.