Human origins and Planet X.

To me, it looks likely that the Anunnaki colonised humans. My feeling is they are like us and they used their advanced tech to make earthlings belive they are gods. A cosmic “Punkd” type of situation. With their long life spans, they needed something to keep them busy, and they chose that.

see videos on the tales by phil schneider on youtube

I’ve searched him and watched a video. Quite interesting. Lloyd Pye and Matthew LaCroix are other guys with good videos.

Lloyd Pie nailed it on this one.

Have you ever read the ‘The lost Book of Enki’ . It’s an interesting book from back in the days. Cc: @pseudonym

Enki Speaks

This book is a gem… Thanks Gerald.

Tuma. Sample

You are most welcomed. It’s an interesting book to read, been trying to dig on some ancient text, and the more I read, the more I get the feeling that The Greek and Roman Philosophers were Imposters.
I now believe that, after Alexander The Great conquest of Egypt, middle East and The Indian subcontinent. The Greek academics moved in and started translating Egyptian documents and labeled them as their own work.
The library of Alexandria was the center of academics by then, which hosted books from Assyria, Akkadia and Egypt , so, all these guys plagiarize most of their work.
Ever wondered why the old Testament is written in greek.

Everybody is an expert of sorts in youtube these days, we have all kinds of bullshit conspiracies, i can make a video claiming we originated from unicorns who used to shit rainbow and people will believe me and i will have a million followers

Why not make one ;);):wink: