human eye

what could be the resolution of human eye?

Approx 526megapixels, why?

there is a great resource called google. when you type things into it it gives you great answers

unakunywa nini coz umefikiria kama watu wa mogoka. u comparing human eye to a camera

Anafanya research ndio astue watu pale base@

Just thinking…the resolution of a camera can only be as good as the resolution of the eye using it…beyond that, the extra “resolution” is useless to the observer. It may be possible to build a camera with a greater resolution than the human eye in future, but its use will be limited to the observer’s own resolution. kama unaona 500 megapixels, upewe camera ya 1000 megapixels, the extra 500 megapixels are useless to you.