Just asking…mnaonaje hii kamaneno

They are in the love phase, after the honeymoon ends, expect the fights to resume.

And the sheeple clapped

That’s expected but it doesn’t mean they are enemies, actually we are the pawns

I swear I really felt for papa Kalosh, he seemed lost, behaved like a last minute invitee and didn’t have a clue of what was going on…

Pole kwa kukuita muguruki.

Someone to post that pic wakiwa pamoja… The four of them… Please

Wapi mbicha?

Mnaogelelea nn

Weka mbisha bwana Iguana



hehe noma

Aahh. I see now what the thread is about.

The four of them…


There you go.

Tukojolee hii thread.
I cant decide which one to make my signature fragrance. Pure sport ama krakengard

Weta analia ama ako wapi ?

Na hivo hivo tu…NYS 2 (and full cast), just like its predecessor, starts off its journey of disappearance from the [ever gullible] Kenyan public eye