Huge 12 Centimeter Spider Nearly Causes A Driver To Lose Control



Australia na Hawa wanyama wao, siwezi na siwezi taka kuishi huko

Australia is the last place i’d want to visit , i think humans werent even supposed to live there

Damn I cannot unsee this…naona nikireplace fire extinguisher na mortein doom

Australia has strange creatures

that’s why it used to be a prison for worst criminals for the British. but people have been live there for ages, no different from mwingi or mbeere where snakes are in plenty.

the aboriginal people lived in australia and thrived amongst such weird creatures for centuries , very magnificent culture , sikuhizi hakuna culture , vijana wa huko ni pombe na lanye kama wa huku tu , bure kabisa… anyway , tom cook was shown that part of the world by polynesians (polenisieans dicovered pacific area , they lived in haqrmony with the ocean and used the sky like a map to travel the pacific ocean , tom cook got help from a young native akampea tour) …so the british govt dumped prisoners huko while hunting down these people like animals mpaka the whole population ingeenda extinct…knowledge is power

these aboriginals wamepitia ile serious …living among dangerous creatured for all those years and then be annihilated by mjungus

racist wazungu australians wanawanyanyasa till today…

Ni kama vile native Americans walifanyiwa na mzungu, at some point the government ordered for all the buffaloes to be killed so as to starve the indians…they ended up massacring over 11 million buffaloes, their skulls were piled up forming a small hill

The white man is cruel for real

Very cruel. What I dont get is why the White man was given all that knowledge and intelligence. The knowledge to make firearms and colonise the world. Why didnt people of other races be given that knowledge too??

Would have done the same. It’s not about race but about power. Coincidentally the white people who weilded the power and money were racist, inhuman fucks.
Same with people of same color who oppress others just because they can

I mean where did the white man have intelligence to colonize the world.?? Why did other races lack the same intelligence?