Huduma number

What was the purpose of this thing that consumed ksh 10 billion. Maybe @spear can tell us

10birrions zilikua zina tafutwa

Kuhesabu ngombe na kondoo

I told people hio ni pesa inaibiwa wakanicheka sasa I am laughing at their stupidity.

This was a good initiative to be used concurrently as part of census to save funds not separate but kibichoo akaona 10 billion cant be returned to Treasury by June 2019 as underutilized funds at OP. Census was planned for laterat the close 2019. Huduma number was to merge all this national government numbers and registers into one. From ID, passport, birth certificate, Helb, driving licence, KRA pin etc.

Hiyo pesa yote ilikulwa na the formerly group called kitaeleweka. Kibichoo own blogger provides the software for 300 million that crushed. Billions on mobilization of politicians to campaign for it on media and billions more on peoples pocket. Lakini hii wizi ya handcheque is a fighting corruption. DCI never looks that way. He is part of it. They even had the audacity to ask for 10 billion more to complete their failed work.

What is happening now is they are using census data to update a new huduma namba register to claim its their own. However the biometric can’t be made up.

Support BBI wachakuuliza swali mingi. Tafuta Kalenjin to point fingers of corruption on.

Eti Huduma registration deadline. Ngombe ici

HUDUMA NUMBER wasn’t necessary coz the govt itself couldn’t explain why they needed it …lakini it’s obvious tenderpreneurs made billions and the 2022 elections will be rigged thoroughly using our details … Nakwaambia Raila will be president ! … mpende msipende


When they got the huduma number. They took all your bio details including fingerprints. Hiyo information iko important time ya ku vote. So the best bidder gets the information. Unapata umepigia Rao kura while ulipigia Ruto kura. Mimi sikuchukua na siwezi waste time kwenda ku vote. Itakuwa tu kazi bure while all the voting is done inside the servers

avenue for biodata collection for sale to the highest bidder… big data loading… uzuri it wasn’t taken up 100% Mobilise! Organise! Resist this shenanigans by the banana govt!

Kizee kwani we typed the same stuff? Hehe

Hii kitu watu walikuwa wanasajiliwa hapa tuu nje ya cyber yangu. Hapa tuu (pointing outside with my mouth), na sikuwahi peana details zangu juu ya hiyo tucker tucker.

Wewe ni shujaa

I.T experts here should tell us how easy or hard it is to take control of the servers during elections so that no tampering happens,or if there is tampering they show us where hit originated from and who is doing it

kufikiria uzito buda gota hapo

Wow! I was always looking for a place like this kumbe tukonayo Kenya. As i always say, NOTHING, yes NOTHING, that comes from this current government is to be trusted. Sadly this includes all who support them and any of their friends. Anyone who has ever been in government has been infected. My guess is that the data they captured, they sold to IBM or Google. Thats why i didnt bother registering at all. I dont even watch news anymore, they have all been infiltrated. There is no way we can get a NEW KENYA with these sick people, actually CURSED.

10th June 2020 maybe ndio tutajua ilikuwa ya nini.

“Support BBI wachakuuliza swali mingi. Tafuta Kalenjin to point fingers of corruption on.”

Just shows the enemy we are fighting. “Support BBI” Who told them what we need is a BIGGER government? Lets not be sycophants just following foolishly a man who let and continually lets his fathers vision down. I mean, people died for you just to betray their souls and accept blood money to “reunite the country”. Let him keep their stupidity to themselves.

“Tafuta Kalenjin to point fingers of corruption on” Don’t make me laugh! Can your assistant do anything without his boss knowing. Get this from me, all corruption going on has been approved! Whether what was going on in treasury of the dams scandal, all their hands are filthy. All were in on it. The only people to blame are us, since they are still eating our taxes. The solution is not to pay KRA for a year, then we’ll see if there will be millions to spend on BBI rallies around the country. I advocate for tax abstinence, lets not pay!!

Unless ofcourse you were being sarcastic. If then, please go on.

We should repel stupidity at all costs! The time for our fathers has GONE, all the debt they are taking is on our behalf. These guys are already useless economically (they are already old and are not going to take part in constructive economic activities), they are not going to pay for the debt they are loading us with. Once we retake parliament and the whole government, we should transfer the debt to their companies for them to pay INDIVIDUALLY.