Huduma Number to start operation on 1st March


not registering for that shit…


Devil’s number

:D:D:D hii serikali Ina upuss

Huduma number was a great idea.
Thankyou Uhuru.
Ulifanya kasi Buana

People complaining have ID numbers, had admission numbers in high school, had registration numbers in campus, live in houses with a house number, reading this on a phone with an IMEI number… Ng’ombe ici.

Na bado utaitishwa birth certificate, ID, KRA PIN, DL, marriage certificate na passport photos when you go to a gava office.

This is the most depressing part of the whole conundrum!

[SIZE=5]That , in a Nutshell , is an example of the STUPIDITY of the Wheelbarrow Hustler Conmen that you elected …[/SIZE]

I[SIZE=5] hope you now see why BABA , MAMA and Wajakhoya have decided to embark on the Second Trip to Caanan … [/SIZE]:D:D

Hatuingii kwa sheitan na hizo namba zako. Upuuus

Huduma number ni Shaitani

Grand initiative this one, too much lawlessness about

Of course. Them whats the need for another ID number or whatever they’ll rename it to?

Why can’t they consolidate all my numbers under my ID number? Sichukui!

That would be a smart thing to do …

Some countries allocate you an Individial Unique Serial that you carry from Birth to Death …
A digital Smart Card valid for 10 Years can carry all relevant Bio Data for ease of Services …

No more form filling , applications or stupid questions …

Eg: Pakistan National Smart Card:


Usisahau pia kuprovide za wazazi…

how will it solve lawlessness?

Fake ID’s for a start, remember they are biometric and will help skim off the aliens and crooks operating with such.

Kughula lasma kwa mwanasiasa.