Huduma Number Poll

Govt said 31 mirrions of Kenyans have registered, lets see how many talkers have the acknowledgement slip.
be truthful, ukidanganya we kick you to Siberia
take the pole.

The government lied out of desperation. Everything is not ticking right even @spear can attestify to that. Wako on panic mode.

Never. Unless they start measuring breathing air…

:D:D hii kitu imekupatia stress aje?

Kama umeamua kukaa hivyo basi kaa hivyo. Pita hio line na hata usiangalie. Hata kama shifo ni your personal drinking buddy pita yeye kabisa. Fuck the diseased lung holder.

Keyboard warrior!

Watu watatu washanieka kama spouse na kadhaa kama baba so i think that sums it for me

Psychology game by Matiang’i. They want you think you’re the only one not registered. Am not boarding.

Yesterday those guys who register were going door to door, and that’s how I registered for huduma number.

Fucku number ya shetani

Your opinion sir. Does it matter? Hell NO! Lakini number sichukui.

Government has no means to implement dhuluma number. Our DCI has no records of its own criminals at Kamiti. No police station is linked to another. After tendering and payment story huishia hapo. Permanent Secretaries never take the president serious. Njirahini never takes his work serious. I will not take Huduma number. There is no service from the GOK I can’t do without

Ukitoa 500 wanakuregister kwako

I have registered and voted yes

After registering that’s when the government will start working, supposedly

Will they bring that card to your door ama uliambiwa card itakuja lini?

Will only register if i don’t have to carry any other card …and… why have this card when it won’t replace any other , sielewi what it’s about but naelewa it cost billions and corrupt tenderpreneurers were allover it !

Sensible questions concerning huduma nonsense is something you don’t ask. People don’t even know when they are likely to get the card.

Weeeeh hii ni ngori

A contractor is on the ground connecting police stations and sub-county commissioners’ offices to the National Optic Fibre Backbone (NOFBI). The situation you mention will not be obtaining for long.

On the issue at hand, watu wanachochana hapa with inadequate information na walienda pole pole wakajiandikisha weekend iliopita. Wale walikuwa wanaleta shouting ati ni mambo na mastercard washakimya na kuingia mitini.

Kibaki amechukua?