Huduma number is back - amefanya


I think this is a personal hit… make what UHURU failed to make work WORK


But they are the ones who went to court to oppose the huduma number wakasema ni mbaya, and the courts stopped it, sasa wanasema it is good.

That’s what I am saying. U]If you can make it work, you take credit for it… and the former president looks like a class prefect for failing to actualize his dream

Did he fail or.court stopped?

Ultimate verdict is fail. Just like BBI which was cremated by the courts

Ushuru ulipwe.

I’m not boarding

What exactly is this Huduma Card for …???
What would happen if it did not exist…???
What will it achieve that the National ID Card is not able to do …???

Why not just kill 3 birds with one stone …??
With a Smart National ID Card.

  • Birth / Death and Criminal Registry Records.
  • NSSF functions.
  • NHIF functions.

End users ( Government and allied concerned) just insert it into a terminal and obtain / verify all basic bio data and information without form filling and time wasting stupid questions…

It would also facilitate East African Regional travel with a quick swipe at Border Immigration posts…

Kafment loves duplicity of roles and functions, needless to say complicating a rather straightforward solution by adding another problem, a register to maintain. They don’t trust the one with your ID but they can’t dump it cause the constitution recognizes it.

As you already implied, all these solutions can be fixed in our ID by giving out new smart generation ID that captures NTSA, NHIF, KRA and all kosokosos.

Pakistan have rolled out one …
And it works very well …