So the government intends to phase out current National IDs by December 12, 2021 and replace them with Huduma Namba cards that will start to be issued from December 1, 2020.


Why is a white woman being used as the specimen?
We must not stand for this mah brothers!

they must have discussed and agreed that the specimen would look great if it was a white woman.

why use a caucasian ? …

Probably the sample came from the foreign firm’s database

Sisi Kwisha…inakaa Kenya imenunuliwa na hatujui

The government a whole new system to register people for Huduma number. We have an existing department of registry with employees stationed across the country.
With the phasing out of the current ID, will the role of issuing Huduma number revert to the registry department?

i hope this was gavas idea to weed out fake ids. Fake i mean the people who were not kenyans but had bought IDS

My only problem is that there’s a foreign company embelmed on the IDs. Fuck no I ain’t taking jt

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Wametupea sample mzuri. Time to look for graphic guyz

Wangesema they want to clean the records of all citizens. But there main argument was the provision of better services by integrating records. Currently, all government departments rely on the ID when issuing their respective cads, i.e DL, NHIF, NSSF, IEBC, etc.

How will the huduma number improve services?

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