Huduma Namba portal - check if it is ready and where to collect it

Huduma Namba card should no longer wait for SMS to be able to know whether their card is ready and where to pick it.

This is after the government of Kenya launched an online portal where you can track the status of your Huduma Namba card.

In a statement released by Government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna, Kenyans can now determine whether their Huduma Namba card has been printed, and if so where to collect it by just clicking .

After clicking the above link, one will be required to enter his Identity (ID) card number and press the search button and be able to access information on the printing status and point of collection.

According to Oguna, a total of 9,154,184 cards have been processed and dispatched, out of which 6,003,144 have been collected.

Mimi nashangaa why they sent my card 300km away from where I applied for it.

gava iko na upuss mine is in vihiga na niko kanairo,how?
plus status inasema collected

They sent me a text asking me to confirm or change collection point before dispatching. it.


Never registered.

They sent me a text to go pick but haven’t as yet as I recently relocated. Planning to do so though.

:smiley: Wanataka uende nyumbani, for once…

Hii huduma number itafanya nini ID, DL na passport haziwezi fanya?

Wenye hatukuchukua huduma namba tukae wapi??

Got mine this week…

Kaa hapo tu:p

Walinitumia text kitambo nikachukue but nitaendea last minute before deportation

Yangu wanasema still being processed

Mine too

:smiley: :smiley: watu wa kukatalia Kanairo

Your hometown in ID CARD

:smiley: Ukiona imedelay ujua kimeumana. Kwanza wanatupea sisi mafukara wanajua hatudanganyi. Sasa baadaye wataanza kupekua data form za wazito maneno zile waliandikisha huko wajue kama ni ukweli ama ni vako.

Why is it telling me my card is being processed yet I never registered. What a joke.

Ala! May be kuna msee ametumia id no yako