Huddah Monroe Offers" Broke Arse Niggas Love" Lessons....

“Kitu moja sijawahi understand, wanaume wa Kenya hawananga pesa ama tu ni wastingy?”

Huddah Monroe questions, and urge people to use money until money can identify them.

"Mtu anakukatia. You want to meet me and get to know me, but you can’t even send me money to fuel my car or buy me a lipstick!
Then you want me to just come and chill with you. Hata chali yangu kitambo alikuwanga makanga na alikuwa ananipea pesa.
Alikuwa ananinunulia chipo na kachumbari. I was spoilt from a very young age. Tumieni pesa iwazoee," Huddah said.

According to Sam West some people don’t realize the problems they are going through is because of the energy they have received from their sexual partners…

“When you have intimacy with someone you become married to them”, he said


Wanaume wakuwe wajanja. Huu utapeli tumekataa…

@Muthafari, @Karoga na @Kodiaga chapa kazi wachana na soft meat.


Lakini ukweli ni eti pesa zimesaidia hii gaidi sasa matako inalia bwata tu kila mahali!

Hakuna mwanaume stingy hii dunia. Men only spend on what they value. The men in her life do not think she is worth spending on anymore. Maybe she has started aging exponentially.

She ticks all the boxes of a high end escort.

Her lifestyle alone (on her instagram) is enough proof. She doesn’t come from money but she is twerking on yachts in Dubai, eating caviar and tomahawk steaks, flying first class, smoking Davidoffs, and drinking dom perignon by the bottle. All this when staying at $1000 per night hotels.

Yet she claims to sell make-up online :D:D

Huyu lanye huwa fine as fuck

Huyu si nilisoma mahali ati ni one of those wimins kwa ile story ya Dubai porta potty! If at all she is one of them, then she is allowed to live life on her terms.

Ongea na @uwesmake akupe number. Mgisu peana namba tafasali.

Huddah amesahaulika akaona aseme upuzi yoyote Iko Kwa hiyo kichwa yake ndio atrend.
That other fuckting ninja hapo chini is just a fuckhead. No such thing as soul ties. Maybe STIs. Soul ties ni low IQ bonobo shit

huddah hapa anakaa madame wale hushinda kwa wines and spirits, kumbe si mrembo ni make up tu

Huyu hakosi kwa hio group. Normal umalaya haiwezi finance lifestyle yake.

Donald Kikporir ndio alilipia yeye kuwekwa meno

Some of these pastors don’t know what they’re talking about. They lie by insinuating that sex is a holy thing. Perhaps God’s creation…Never! What manner of evil and wickedness this profane thing, sex, has brought upon the world! It can never be the work of a HOLY God. If God created sex then there should be lots of sex and marriage in heaven, which there is none except for the Islamic “heaven.” Once you determine where sex originated, any impulse in you should recoil and disappear immediately because it’s the creation of that vile, slithery, cold Leviathan called satan. That is all he has to offer humanity, is lust and every arousal of the flesh which ultimately leads to death.

@Malenge ambia serikali ikupatie kazi


Siwezi mind kusongesha mileage

Mwanaume akiguswa roho vibaya na kaukweli… :smiley:

Si ajitengenezee hiyo pesa basi. Shaming tactics sisi alpha meos tushazoea

Nonesense post from a mharo wanker

:D:D:D Agwas endelea kuwa tu baba yao.